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Track List, Description, & Lyrics

Let Me Count the Ways album

  Let Me Count the Ways   by Bill Pere

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Track List                                                      

DISC #1  
01 Love She Brings My Way
02 That Moment in Time
03 Coruscate
04 Let me Count the Ways
05 Table For Two
06 Land of Me and You
07 These Days of Our Lives
08 Pictures of You
09 Six Candles in the Chandlery (2023)
10 Crest of a Wave (2023)
11 Winter’s Hard
12 Story I’d Tell
13 One Simple Life
14 Beautiful Night
15 Look at Us Now
16 The World We All Share
17 S.H.E. (Simulated Human Empath)
18 Such A Simple Thing (Cyberheart)
19 New Day Comes

20 Up High in the Sky (Poet’s Song)
21 I Wish That You Were Here
22 Two Days
23 The Candle
24 This is a Song
25 Teach Me How to Fly (v3.0)
26 When We’re Together
27 You Can’t Hide Behind Your Smile
28 The Essence of What I Feel
29 Ever Since You Went Away
30 A Life Behind the Lyrics
31 You Don’t Have to Be Everything
32 Peanut Butter Night
33 Let it Embrace You
34 The Love We Share
35 The Horse’s Lips (instrumental)
36 Secret Adventures of Bob’s Right Thigh (instrumental)
37 Laughing Hips (instrumental)


Let Me Count the Ways
written and recorded by Bill Pere

When was the last time a song really made you reflect on your life, your hopes, your dreams ?

BILL PERE is a Grammy award winning songwriter, performer and recording artist, known for lyrics that tell unforgettable tales of ordinary people who weave the tapestry of human experience. Bill's songs can stand alone as a musical experience, but there is always the important and subtle underlying message of social conscience that makes them touch you even more deeply.

LEt Me Count the Ways is Bill's 17th release, recorded during the pandemic from 2020-2022. The album was originally intended to be 12 new songs that celebrate loving relationships. When the pandemic sent everything into quarantine, Bill had much more time to work in the studio. He started going back into old songs that had never been recorded, finding those that could have a life with a little facelift. So the 12-song album became a 37-track double album, with songs spanning 1966-2023.

Bill's lyrical artistry is evident,  well supported by his intricate and powerful music arrangements. His signature guitar versatility is well represented by a variety of acoustic, electric, and Midi styles, backed by full band accompaniment. 

"Let Me Count the Ways" maintains the high level of songcrafting  and production since "Crest of a Wave" caused a sensation when it was first released in 1991, through "High School My School" in 2003.  

Proceeds from the sale of Bill's CD's go to help Hunger Relief and family service agencies, through Local United Network to Combat Hunger (L.U.N.C.H.).

If you like lyrically rich songs that have meaning and emotion:

Check out Bill's spiritual journey CD's.  Besides "Dare to Dream", there is "New Day Coming Tomorrow",  "You'll See a Much Brighter Day" and " Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town"

Look also at Bill's AMERICANA series of CD's, which  includes "High School My School" (high school setting)  "Crest of a Wave" (maritime setting), "Cityscape" (urban setting), "Rural Mural" (rural setting) and "College Collage" (college setting).

For a great collection of songs for kids and parents,  there are the 3 interrelated CD's  "Songs For Kids Who Like to Think",  "Songs for Kids With Common Scents" and "Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars".  


BILL PERE - background highlights from this Grammy winning songwriter

• A national IMC Indie Artist of the Year

• Official Connecticut State Troubadour appointed 1995 by CT Commission on the Arts

• President and Executive Director, Connecticut Songwriters Association

• Founder and Executive Director, LUNCH (Local United Network to Combat Hunger) raising more than $1,000,000s for hunger relief programs in Connecticut through benefit concerts

Multiple songs in the Top Ten for more than 100 consecutive weeks, across various charts on several Internet radio stations

• 15 CD's of original songs recorded and released

• 25 original theater plays produced

• Producer of the Harry Chapin Legacy Concert series

• International appearances and performances with the Steve Chapin Band

Official judge and critiquer for national and international songwriting and performance competitions

• Citation by the Connecticut State Legislature for Community Service through Music

• Founder, Connecticut Songwriting and Performance Conference

• Director, Connecticut Songwriting Academy

• 1997 Citizen of the Year Award from Mystic Chamber of Commerce

• 1995 Community Service Award from International Artists Cooperative

• Five-time recipient of the CSA Award for Outstanding Community Outreach through Music"

• Author, "Songcrafters Coloring Book" An industry-standard songwriting guide in use on six continents.

• Song "The Wish" selected for inclusion on compilation CD produced by Rhode Island-based Artists Against Hunger

• Editor, Connecticut Songsmith

Member Connecticut Music Educators Association

• Internationally published articles in numerous music industry publications including "Songwriters Market"

• 1981 and 1991 Connecticut Songwriter of the Year

• Two-time recipient, CSA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education through Music

• First recipient of the CSA Renaissance Award for multiple music achievements, presented by Pete Seeger, 1995

• Presenter of award-winning Music Technology programs for teachers and students


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