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Voices For Hope
2011 Winners

CURRENT ENTRY FORMS (by Mail or Online)

The 2011 Voices For Hope final auditions were held on April 30  at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center, East Hartford, CT.     Entries were received from across the Northeast,  and the chosen finalists auditioned live  to win a $500 scholarship and to be a Voices For Hope Ambassador, using the power of popular music to produce positive social action.  The 2011 audition song was "Hope", written by Kay Pere..   The event culminated in an evening concert with all the Finalists joining the LUNCH Ensemble for a Harry Chapin Tribute event.  Below are the finalists, all exceptionally talented.   As far as we are concerned, any young person who gives their time and talent to help others in need is a winner in all the things that count in life.   All  finalists are eligible to take part in special LUNCH recording and performing events.  

        (Listen to our past Voices For Hope participants singing
songs written for them by Bill Pere and Kay Pere)


Our 2011 Scholarship Winner

The Winner of the 2011 Voices For Hope $500 Scholarship, and the newest Voices For Hope Ambassador

Rebekah Philip
of  Rehoboth, MA




The 2011 Voices For Hope Finalists

Rebekah Philip
2011 Winner

Benita Iparraguirre
 1st Runner-up (tie)

Kelly Masotta
1st Runner-Up (tie)

Emma Passaretti
 2nd Runner-up (tie)

Hannah Meier
 2nd Runner-up (tie)

Chandler Cross
(3rd Runner Up)

Daniela Cardillo

Greta Stroebel

Jacob Brisson

Olivia Gesualdi

Mary Gregory

Jordan Newlin

Maxine Adamson

Tiffany Miller

Carson Javery

Renee Cordio

Chiaki Santiago

Sarah Ajodhi


See the Concert Photos!


LUNCH is proud of all the Voices for Hope Finalists,
and we thank them for sharing their talents with us in the service of others.

Kate Morris



The 2011  FINALS AUDITION at  East Hartford Community Cultural Center

The 2011 Voices For Hope Finalists

Bill Pere and Kay Pere with 2011 winner Rebekah Philip

Bill Pere with Benita Iparraguirre and Rebekah Philip