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WINNERS in the
Songs which address issues of hunger, poverty, and social concerns.

First Place
Helen Hudson
Osprey, Florida, USA


Between The Pavement & The Penthouse
Helen Hudson



Second Place
Jamie Green
Santa Barbara, California, USA


Jamie Green/Bill Macpherson


Third Place
Amy Carol Webb
Miami Springs, Florida, USA


Lay the Shovel Down
Amy Carol Webb


Fourth Place
Jean Mazzei
San Francisco, California, United States


Face of a Nation
Jean Mazzei


L.U.N.C.H. TOP 20 FINALISTS (in Alphabetical Order)
'Doin' Time'  by  Linda Bonadies
hamden, Connecticut, USA   Website  
Blue Railroad Train  by  Danny Schmidt
Austin, Texas, USA   Website  
Faces In The Night  by  R.M. LaCarr
Los Angeles, California, USA    
Hell Town  by  Amber Norgaard
Tucson, Arizona, USA   Website  
Hero  by  Beth Hilton
San Jose, California, USA   Website  
Holding On  by  Karen Benedetto
New York, New York, USA   Website  
Human  by  Anisa Kausal-Hayes
Montague, Michigan, USA   Website  
Jane Doe  by  Jon Gemenis
Edgecliff, Nsw, Australia    
Many Roads, One Journey  by  Carl Gregory
Austin, Texas, USA    
Mind The Gap  by  Lyrics by Nicol Walsh, Music by Jim Farley
Llandudno, N. Wales, United Kingdom    
My Corner  by  Robert Hill
Midland Park, New Jersey, USA   Website  
My Neighbourhood  by  Andrea Menard, Robert Walsh
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada   Website  
Nickels And Dimes And Marbles And Stones  by  Joan M. Vincent (Lyrics) Randy George (Music)
Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA   Website  
Northwind  by  Littleton Jones
Van Nuys, California, USA   Website  
Outside The Box  by  Florence Foxwell
Edgerton, Alberta, Canada   Website  
Sally and Johnny  by  Theodore Irvin Silar
Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA    
Shoes  by  Chris Volpe
San Francisco, California, USA   Website  
Sylvia's Eyes  by  Lara Herscovitch
Hamden, Connecticut, USA   Website  
Tara Sleeps  by  Ellen Chait Olhsson
Nashville, Tennessee, USA    
Throwaway Woman  by  Sandra Palmer
Washington, District of Columbia, USA   Website  

CONGRATULATIONS to all these fine songwriters . 
We greatly appreciate artists who use their talents to shine a spotlight on
social issues that need our attention.


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